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in Sight

by Parabolist

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EP de estréia da banda lançado dia 3/11/15 como mídia digital, apenas.


DIY EP released in november 3rd, 2015, as digital media only. Contains three tracks from our upcoming album.

Agradecimentos especiais: Marcus Ferreira (Jota Dale), Wolve, Feleps, Lamim, Worsa e Enema Noise.


released November 3, 2015

arte por Hugo Martino
gravado e mixado por Thales Grilo



all rights reserved


Parabolist Brasilia, Brazil

Band from Brasília, Brazil, that blends traditional mathcore with elements of avant-garde, post-rock, jazz, progressive and experimental music.

Banda brasiliense que mistura mathcore tradicional com elementos de vanguarda, pós-rock, jazz, música progressiva e experimental.
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Track Name: Mephisto

From below, he watches this world,
surrounded by his brothers.
All demons rejoice upon his ascension.
No pillars shall stand once he touches the heavens.

Blue turns into black, brown turns into red,
all because of the demons that you fed.
Take a look in the mirror, praise your fears;
they're the only reason
you're still here.

To see light becoming shadow is
to ponder upon what we've become.

"It is a demon you must slay,
the creature born to represent
a sense of guilt to overcome,
an endless summon of repent."

lurks in the shadows
of your own mind

Submit to the darkness,
for in the end
it's what we're made of.
Track Name: Leap of Faith
Dripping with remorse,
his eyes would fail to hide
the pain he held inside
of his miserable poor core
"I can't take this anymore!"

The fiery feeling of misplacement
that burned his insides
was far too powerful to be dealt with.

The feeling of being nowhere
and the fear of never belonging
smothered him,
deprived him
of all affection
and all joy.

All he wanted was to escape:
Naïve, he believed leaving would make him free.

"But if that is what you wish,
then go.
Leave behind all burden, and jump.
But be aware of this:
Mephisto will find you.

No shelter can be found on these roads.
Watch the skies."

From outside the forest,
I heard a faint cry of dismay:
"Save me"
Track Name: Lobotomy
Strapped to a chair,
no one can hear my screams.
Turn me into a ghost,
destroy all of my dreams.

A new incision for every memory,
with the precision of a brain surgery.
Before my vision a human anomaly
feeds its addiction through all it's insanity.

Torture tools on the table,
the procedure is about to start.
Preparations are done.
Begin the surgery!

Gouge my eye,
rip through my brain,
mess with my head,
drive me insane.

All my history,
all I have ever been:
erased from within.